I’m Mary. I love animals. Ridiculous amounts. I’m generally pretty obsessed with nature, and I probably get more excited about dogs, forests, flowers, and ferns more than anyone ever should. My dog, River, is my soulmate and I would bring her with me everywhere if I could. It has been my dream to travel the world with my camera & my dog, shooting many rolls of film and bringing people joy with my images. In June 2016 River and I moved across the world from Perth, Australia, to England, and I now shoot around the globe, so I guess I’m kinda living that dream!

I come from a family of artists, musicians, writers, and painters. For me, the artistic gene developed through photography (I like to write, sing, and paint too, but sadly I can’t be good at everything!) I started taking pictures almost as a type of therapy when I was a teenager, I found that capturing and creating beautiful things soothed my soul.  Today, photography is both my passion and my profession (which is pretty freaking rad.) Photography is art for me, and I love creating meaningful work. When I’m not shooting weddings, I express my creativity through my personal work, and have an immense love for film photography – I shoot film every chance I get.

A few of my favourite things: writing lists (duh), music, travel, old buildings (especially in Europe), ivy growing on walls, moody light, getting lost in the woods, good wine + good chats, indoor plants (and all plants), animals (especially wolves, big cats, foxes, deer and… I’ll stop), a good book, rocks, painting, singing, dancing (badly), playing piano, drawing (badly), magnolias, Harry Potter, waterfalls, storms and drinking tea.


My Photography Style

I shoot in an artistic documentary style and am a fairly non-traditional photographer, with a relaxed approach. Genuine emotion, honesty, and vulnerability are where I find beauty. I adore romance, moodiness, and images that make you feel. Seeing people in some of their most intimate moments is a rare thing, that I get to experience often in this crazy job, and it makes me feel super privileged I get to do what I do.

It is important to me that whoever I’m photographing is able to feel comfortable around me, trust me and realise that I am also just a dorky human who they can be completely themselves around (seriously, I’m so silly sometimes.) I love connecting with the couples I work with, spending such a rare, emotional and fun bit of time with them, and bringing something beautiful into their life. It means a lot to me to capture something that will be treasured by you, and possibly your family and future generations. Photos that you can look back on and remember just how wildly happy, crazy in love and wonderful both you felt.

Thanks for checking out my work, I hope you connect with it. If you do, please say hello!


Destination Weddings & Elopements

I have a real soft spot for intimate, meaningful ceremonies and elopements. They are my favourite. It is insanely special being one of only a very few people witnessing such an important day, and even more special to be the one that gets to document it. I also love to travel. I am from Australia, but I moved to England in 2016, and shoot internationally. Please do get in touch with me wherever in the world your wedding is, and however big or small it is.

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